About us

Cantina Brass was founded in 2014 (under the name Jazz Cantina) by former members of various Pretoria-based wind bands, including the Affies Jazz Ensemble. We started out with Big Band, Swing and Jazz standards, then added pop, rock and other contemporary genres. Finally, we borrowed heavily from the Balkan/Roma brass as well as USA street marching band traditions. We call our style of music "World Brass". The music we bring to our audiences are the world's most awesome tunes, either originally written for brass band or custom arranged for and by us.

Press Kit

Feel free to download our press kit where you will be able to learn more details about the band.

Contact us

Drop us a mail at info@cantinabrass.co.za to enquire about gig availability and pricing.
Please note that we need to confirm availability with all of the band members before we can confirm your gig. Please provide us with as much detail as possible in order to speed up the confirmation process.